The Dixon Family Home

Lillian Dixon just helped us break the ground on her new home!

Meet Lillian

Lillian is an Army Veteran and currently works for NeoNova. She has three kids and one grandkid and is excited for all of them to live in their own home.

We know filling out Habitat’s application can be daunting, and it’s only the first step in the journey to homeownership through Habitat. In Lillian’s case she filled out the application, she waited, and then… she didn’t qualify.  While she met most of Habitat’s criteria for homeownership, she didn’t have two years of rental history.

Fortunately, Habitat was able to provide an option for Lillian: she could build rental history through Habitat’s “HIP”. HIP, an acronym for Homeowner Incubation Program, is an innovative Durham Habitat program designed for folks just like Lilian, those who meet most, but not all, criteria for homeownership.  HIP is a short-term rental as a pathway to homeownership.

After several months of rental in one of our HIP units Lillian reapplied and was finally approved! Now, Lillian and her family are well on their way to homeownership and building wealth in the coming years.

Durham Habitat’s HIP is a young program still in its pilot phase, and Lilian is one of the first HIP participants to break ground on her home. We invite you to join a Durham Habitat partnership.

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