You Help Build Dreams

March 8, 2023

Over the past year, Habitat homeowners the Johnsons watched their home rise from an empty plot of land to the beautiful house it is today. Their home was built in partnership with donors like you and lovingly constructed by dozens of volunteers from local companies and organizations from the Durham community.

The Johnsons had long hoped to purchase a home for their growing family. They had been living in a small apartment to help save money towards a down payment. Their two young children shared a cramped room and there was little space for them to play. But despite their efforts, they were unable to secure a mortgage through traditional lenders. A friend who is a Habitat homeowner encouraged them to apply for Durham Habitat’s homeownership program.

The Johnsons had always wanted to become homeowners. Partnering with Durham Habitat gave them the opportunity to make it happen. The family worked diligently to complete the homeownership process, putting in their sweat equity and completing their required classes.

Their journey to home ownership was transformational on many levels. The financial security of a home makes them all feel safe and more confident. Now they have new plans for their future, including preparing their children for success in school, and furthering their own education to grow in their careers.

The Johnson family was recently blessed with a third child. All three children are active, happy kids and their parents are overjoyed to raise them in their new home with a yard to play in.

Because of you, the Johnsons have a stable foundation for their family to thrive and plan for a brighter future. Together, we are changing lives!