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Monique became the first in her family to own a home

September 19, 2022

Monique worked hard in customer service at a local telecommunications company. She was raising a 7-year-old, a 3-year-old, and a 2-year-old as a single parent and her take-home pay wasn’t enough to buy a house on her own.

During the year and a half she worked towards her Habitat home they moved three times. At one point they moved in with extended family. Then all four shared a small apartment where Monique made the best out of tight quarters, creatively using part of the living room as another bedroom.

When it comes to housing and education, the research is clear. Children from low-income households who move more than once in the early elementary years have lower reading and math scores. Poor physical quality of housing can do the same in their adolescent years. And the adverse effects are long-lasting.

When Monique partnered with us, she was driven to become the first in her family to own a home. She enthusiastically embraced our homeownership program, taking classes on financial literacy, budgeting, and home maintenance. She did her “sweat equity” by helping to build her own home. Her family cheered her along the whole way. Monique’s plan for a better life was falling into place, board by board and nail by nail.

“I’m excited to provide something that they’ll be able to grow up in and one day will be theirs,” she said. This fall, as a new school year begins, Monique and her family feel blessed and grateful to have a stable home of their own where they can live, play, and complete homework.

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