You Support Innovative Programs

March 6, 2024

You make it possible for us to support affordable homeownership in Durham through innovative programs:

You helped us expand the Critical Repairs program by adding a fourth repair crew to serve more low-income homeowners. This provides vital maintenance services for non-Habitat homeowners across the city, who otherwise would not be able to afford the necessary work. Addressing critical health and safety issues keeps families in the homes they already own, preserving more affordable homes in Durham.

With a full New Construction team, we can accommodate a growing number of volunteers and build even more homes. To help maintain this team, we are developing an innovative construction apprenticeship program in partnership with Durham Tech. By providing learning opportunities and real-world experience, this will ensure that Durham Habitat has the skilled staff needed to build at full capacity for years to come.

Our Homeowner Services team accepted new applications for Habitat homeownership late last year, thoughtfully reworking the required qualifications to meet housing market changes. The team continues to innovate training and education programs that support the long-term success of Habitat partner families, regardless of whether they are long-time Habitat homeowners or just
beginning their homeownership journey.

These programs are possible only because you believe in the work we do. Thank you again!