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You Help Build Dreams

April 23, 2024

Joseph and Carla were getting by working and renting a home for their family of four until a series of health issues left Joseph unable to work steadily. Carla’s salary alone wasn’t enough to pay the rent while they waited for Joseph’s disability assistance to come through, so the family moved in with her parents. This arrangement was a tight squeeze, with Joseph and Carla sleeping in an unfinished basement and their two young teens piled together in one bedroom upstairs.

They searched for options that would better suit their needs, and when they learned about Durham Habitat, they realized it would be the perfect solution for their family. They were thrilled to be accepted into the homeownership program and jumped right into completing their requirements.

“We enjoyed seeing what Habitat has done for others and we had fun working on the houses,” shared Carla. They also completed classes on budgeting, home repairs, and being a good neighbor together as a family, as they felt these were great lessons to share with their children. Joseph and Carla are looking forward to having a home of their own. “It will bring us closer to our boys because we’ll have our own space to be a family again,” said Joseph.

Carla shared, “We’re so proud, there is nothing like having something you can call your own.” Joseph and Carla will now have a stable foundation for their family to thrive and plan for a brighter future. Together, we are making dreams come true!