With their Habitat home, Linh and Huy have more time to enjoy their family

July 3, 2024

Durham residents Linh and Huy struggled to keep themselves and their three children comfortable, season after season.

Rental homes in their price range were older and poorly insulated—meaning higher utility bills and more work hours to pay for them. They just couldn’t get ahead.

As rents rose, the family was forced to move farther from their jobs…and spend more and more on gas and car repairs.

They wanted to provide something better for their family but were rejected multiple times for traditional home loans. Then, one day, a friend from their church told them about a relative who had purchased a Habitat home. 

Linh and Huy thought owning a home near their jobs was out of reach. But by partnering with Durham Habitat, their dream became reality!

Built to high standards of quality and energy efficiency, our newly constructed homes lower energy costs and keep families comfortable all year long.

In fact, Durham Habitat guarantees that our homebuyers can heat and cool their homes for only one dollar a day! 

Thanks to affordable mortgages, sweat equity—and supporters like you—Durham Habitat helps families save money and stay comfortable, no matter the weather.

“Once we learned about Durham Habitat and its mission, we knew this could be our chance,” Huy said. “Purchasing a home has changed our lives. We are so blessed.”

For Linh and Huy, their affordable mortgage, lower energy bills, and shorter commutes let them spend more time doing things they love—like cooking together and playing outside with their children. Their healthy, energy-efficient Habitat home gave them a second chance to live a better life.  

“It’s given us more time together as a family,” Linh said. “That is a priceless gift.”

Thanks to your support, Linh and Huy are now proud owners of a Habitat home. Yet, we can’t build additional homes—and all their benefits—for other families until we raise the funds! 

Did you know that homeownership:

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