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Kimberly Planted Permanent Roots in Durham

May 1, 2023

Despite holding the same job for more than 22 years, Kimberly was unable to purchase a home in the area. “My family does not have a history of homeownership,” she says, “so I was never taught the importance of credit.”

A lifelong Durham resident, Kimberly grew up in public housing, where there was a lot of crime and drugs. Despite those circumstances, she stayed out of trouble and was determined to make a future for herself. Now Kimberly is a single mother, raising two sons and her niece. She believes it’s very important to show her children something different than what she knew as a child.

Kimberly thought owning a home near her job and family was out of reach. Partnering with Durham Habitat made it possible for her to purchase a safe, stable home for her family. Thanks to affordable mortgages and sweat equity, families who partner with Durham Habitat can improve their health, wellness—and their future.

“I have been blessed with a wonderful support system,” she says. “But I would not be able to afford housing here if it was not for Durham Habitat.”

Purchasing a Habitat Home has brought a new season of life for Kimberly and her family. They are planting secure, permanent roots in Durham. A home in the area also keeps them close to therapy resources for Kimberly’s youngest son who has autism.

Thanks to your support, Kimberly and her family are proud owners of a Habitat Home. Yet, we need more funds to provide homes – and all their benefits – to other families.

At present, it costs $170,000 to build a new Habitat Home—that’s land, materials, trades, and more. The cost has risen steadily over the past few years. With your generous donation today, Habitat for Humanity of Durham can give more local families the opportunity for homeownership they’ve always dreamed of!

Your compassionate gift to Durham Habitat will mean much more than walls and a roof over a family’s head. Did you know that homeownership:

For Kimberly’s part, she is excited to join our generous community in giving back. “I am so proud to be a Habitat homeowner,” she says, “and I look forward to providing my services to help move another family forward.”

Please join Kimberly in uplifting more Durham neighbors and put other families like Kimberly’s on the path to homeownership today. Thank you for believing in this important work.

Help more long-time neighbors plant permanent roots in Durham.

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