Habitat for Humanity of Durham Acquires Additional Land from Durham Housing Authority

July 2, 2024

Ongoing partnership between the two organizations will create more affordable homes

Habitat for Humanity of Durham (HFHD) and Durham Housing Authority (DHA) are pleased to announce the purchase of four vacant east Durham properties by HFHD for the future construction of affordable homes.

“DHA is extremely grateful for the collaboration with Durham Habitat to afford our residents the opportunity of direct homeownership,” says Anthony Scott, CEO of Durham Housing Authority. “This ultimately helps our families have access to generational wealth and equity to pass down to their children or family. We look forward to our continued partnership and service to DHA residents.”

These four properties are in the historic Edgemont community in rapidly changing east Durham. Thanks to this strategic partnership, land that has sat empty for decades will soon become new affordable homeownership opportunities for hard-working Durham families. HFHD is finalizing plans for the properties and anticipates breaking ground on the first of these homes next year.

With land becoming increasingly scarce and expensive in Durham, opportunities like this are critical to continuing our mission,” said Tiana Joyner, CEO of Habitat for Humanity of Durham. “We are excited to continue our partnership with DHA and pursue our shared goal of making affordable housing available to all Durham residents.”

With the help of the Durham community, DHA and HFHD look forward to embarking on more initiatives that will bring even more affordable homeownership opportunities to the city. These organizations envision an equitable Durham where all families can access homeownership. It’s essential that the local community commits to helping make this vision a reality. Support and advocacy from Durham residents, businesses and other community organizations is needed to make space for affordable housing as our city grows.