You Help Foster Long-Term Homeowner Success

April 20, 2023

With your support, we’ve expanded Durham Habitat’s Critical Repairs program to serve more low-income homeowners. The program provides vital maintenance services for non-Habitat homeowners across the city, who otherwise would not be able to afford the necessary work. Addressing critical health and safety issues keeps families in the homes they already own, preserving the existing stock of affordable homes in Durham.

You’ve also made it possible to support Habitat homeowners through programs that create long term stability and spark generational change.

For example, Durham Habitat’s Homeowner Services team provides home maintenance resources and classes to educate new homeowners about the long-term care of a home.

We’re developing a youth education program to provide the children of Durham Habitat homeowners education on real-world subjects like financial literacy.

And in an effort to forge relationships and create a stronger sense of community, we work to connect Habitat homeowners with each other, their neighbors, and public resources like police and firefighters.

A partnership with Truist provides Habitat homeowners with estate planning resources to ensure their homes and equity can be passed down to children and grandchildren. Additionally, Latino Community Credit Union has partnered with us to offer Habitat homeowners an incentive to save money with no-cost savings accounts that start with matching funds.

These programs are possible only because you believe in the work we do. Thank you!