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Coronavirus Resources

March 18, 2020

The information below is adapted from the CDC website, and you can find more information there. Most of the information will not be new to you, but please take these guidelines seriously. Our behavior changes could be the difference between our hospitals being able to function adequately in this crisis or our hospitals being overwhelmed, leading to more deaths. Please also be sensitive to the fact that you may not be worried for yourself, but we all have a responsibility to protect vulnerable people in our community (older people, people with chronic conditions, etc).

To protect yourself from exposure at work and in your personal life:

 To protect your community:

Here are a few resources that present the facts very well:

Basic questions about life under Coronavirus:

If you are sick:

Information from NCDHHS: 

Information from the CDC:

Medium blog (free):

Online Coronavirus symptoms check:

Center for Disease Control (CDC) / Spanish

 World Health Organization (WHO)

 NC Public Health Department (great resource to stay informed on how NC is responding to COVID-19)

Talking to Kids about Coronavirus

Kids are going to hear about coronavirus, so be prepared to answer questions and talk to them about it.