Repairs Assistant

Full-time, Monday – Friday work week

Job overview:     
This position is a visible member of the Repairs Program.  The Assistant reports to the Repairs Manager and is the Repairs Site Supervisor’s primary helper. As the Site Supervisor’s most valuable resource, the Assistant is critical to the efficient operation of Repairs sites.  Whether performing necessary manual labor work, collecting materials, or functioning as an extra carpenter, a capable Assistant helps keep jobs moving.

Responsibilities & Duties:


Education: High school diploma preferred.

Experience: No formal construction experience is required, but relevant work experience is valued (ex. maneuvering truck and trailer, maintenance activities, extended work on outdoor projects, comfort with hand tools, etc.).  Interest in carpentry/home repair is essential.

Specific Skills: Ability and willingness to use ladders and work in roofs, attics, and crawlspaces. Ability and willingness to work with volunteers.

Characteristics: Ability and willingness to work in all weather conditions. Bring energetic, collaborative, and flexible style, with a strong service and team-player mentality. Ability to work in a cross-functional, fast-paced work environment. Interest in and commitment to affordable housing solutions.

Other: Possession of valid driver’s license and ability to drive Habitat vehicles.

To apply: Send a cover letter and resume to Will Everhart, Repairs Manager, at