Applications for homeowernship are closed. 

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Waiting to hear back from us? 

We received over 700 applications in December and are doing our best to evaluate each one to see if it qualifies for our program. If you haven't heard from us, don't lose hope! We are doing our best to get to your application in a timely manner. 

Thank you for your grace and patience during this time.

What is the Habitat for Humanity Process? 

The Habitat for Humanity program is designed for people looking to purchase their first home. Find out what it takes to become a Habitat Homeowner! 


Do You Qualify? 

You must meet the minimum requirements to be approved for Durham Habitat's homeownership program.

You must:

  • Have lived or worked in Durham County for at least six months
  • Be a US Citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a stable income of at least 30% of Durham's median income

You must earn at least the monthly amount listed below for your family size. For families larger than 5, call our office at 919-682-0516. Please note, the amounts listed are gross (before taxes and deductions) amounts. Click here to learn more about income limits.

People in Household

2020 Monthly  Income











During the application process your current financial situation will be reviewed to determine if you are mortgage ready. 

Check out the videos below to learn about our program's income requirements and how debt affects your application. 


Sweat Equity

One of the ways Durham Habitat makes homeownership affordable is that we do not require a down payment to purchase a home. Instead, program participants are required to complete sweat equity. Learn more about our sweat equity process below. 



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Habitat Success Stories

Barbara is an elderly neighbor who suffers from COPD. Durham Habitat partnered with the Fuqua School of Business to replace Barbara's roof and HVAC system. Barbara said,"I thank God that Habitat was able to fix my home because I was unable to do it for myself."