Our Geezer Groups

The Geezer (self-titled) volunteer group is a collection of regular volunteers (despite the name, there is no age requirement) who come out every week to volunteer in groups. The group is broken up into subgroups based on what type of work you are interested in. They typically come out every Thursday morning to help on site. They also all meet for lunch after the morning shift!

History: The Geezers were initially founded by a group of volunteers in 1985. These volunteers were instrumental in creating the Durham Habitat chapter. Their vision helped grow our organization into what it is today! After creation they created to Geezers groups so they could come out weekly and keep helping to create affordable housing for all in Durham. Since then, the group had expanded into multiple sub-groups! We are very excited to have you join this essential volunteer community and help Habitat for Humanity!

If you would like to join, please email our Volunteer Manager at volunteer@durhamhabitat.org with your interest and which team you would like to be on. 

Geezer Groups:


Framing Geezers The framing geezers help us with all things framing! From helping to build walls to putting in porches and stairs, they love using a hammer. They also help lead groups of volunteers in how to build from time to time. They are led by Dr. Chuck, a former pediatrician, who literally wrote the Geezer framing manual.



Siding Geezers The Siding Geezers help to cut and install all of the siding on the outside of all of our Habitat Homes. They focus on making the exterior of the homes look excellent. They typically work on ladders or on pumpjacks to install the siding. Gene is the leader of this group.



Trim Geezers The Trim geezers help us install all of the trim, cabinets, and shelves of our homes. They are great at fine detail work and know how to problem solve to get things done on site. They also tend to be jacks-of-all trades as they also help the other groups from time to time. They are led by Terry.


Playhouse Geezers Since 2013, our playhouse program is a teambuilding opportunity where groups come out to cut, prime, paint, decorate and assemble a 4’X4’X5’ playhouse that is then donated to a non-profit of the team’s choice. The Playhouse Geezers lead these events most weekdays from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm. Gene is also the organizer for this group. If you would like to learn more about the Playhouse program, click here

Habitat Success Stories

Lucy has led construction volunteers in more than five Women Builds. A civil engineer, Lucy has volunteered to teach hundreds of neighbors who have no construction experience how to build beautiful homes, and she can teach you as well.