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The Hamilton Home Build

The Hamilton Home is being built in partnership with The House That Running Built. They are a collection of three runners who partnered up with the Durham running community to sponsor a home!

Meet Lashonda

The Hamilton family is ready to move into their new home in this historic Durham neighborhood. Southside is part of the Hayti District in Durham, a historically African-American community. In 1958 Durham experienced an “urban renewal” and the Durham freeway project that took down houses and split this area from the thriving downtown businesses.

This made property values fall and crime rates increase in the area. Today the area is being built back up by for-profit developers, as well as a few affordable non-profit home builders (like Durham Habitat)!

Lashonda has been a fantastic force on site – everything from hammering in the heat to painting in the cold, she has done it all. Even more impressive is what an awesome role model she is for her children. Her oldest daughter, Avona, has come out on site to volunteer and is just like her mother, ready to jump in and learn each shift. The middle child, Zackory, loves building projects with our youth program and has mastered using the hammer during our builds. The youngest, Averri, is not quite old enough to be on site at two years old, but will certainly benefit from the warmth and stability this home will provide.

Durham Habitat is honored to partner with this family! We invite you to join a Durham Habitat partnership. Click here to volunteer or donate!