Pink Ribbon Build

The Pink Ribbon Build is a special project intended to allow breast cancer survivors and the families and friends of those who have dealt with this disease the opportunity to express their gratitude to the caregivers and medical support staff for the consistent compassion, kindness, and warmth that they give every day to patients battling cancer.  We invite you to get involved by donating or volunteering for this year’s house! 

Donate and get involved

Your donations are needed to help purchase the land and building materials for this year's Pink Ribbon Build home. Click here to make a secure donation to the Pink Ribbon Build. To honor someone with your gift, simply provide the name and address of that person, and Habitat will gladly send a custom acknowledgment. You can also mail checks payable to Habitat of Durham, with Pink Ribbon Build on the memo line, to 215 North Church Street, Durham, NC 27707.

To volunteer on the build site or the planning committee please contact

Pink Ribbon Links

Herald Sun Pink Ribbon Build article on September 28.

Meet our Pink Ribbon Families

Margare2013: Margare was the first buyer of a Pink Ribbon Build home. Margare is a breast cancer survivor and recently celebrated her one-year anniversary of being cancer-free. Her zest for life, delightful personality, and optimistic spirit make her a joy to all who know her. She is very excited about her new home and loves her beautiful yard. Living in her Habitat home with her will be her granddaughter and great-grandson. Margare says that providing a sense of future and stability for her great-grandson is one of the main reasons she wanted to become a Habitat homeowner. 

2014: Dalila is helping build and is purchasing the second Pink Ribbon Build home in Durham. She is a teacher and mother of four who is very excited for the opportunity to build her own home. Dalila's home kickoff is Saturday, September 27 at 8:30am! Please email if you'd like to join us.

2015: The Pink Ribbon Build lot has not yet been selected by a Habitat partner family. We're moving forward with construction and celebrating with a soft kickoff event on Saturday, September 19. All are invited to participate and build! Once a partner family has selected this lot, we'll have another kickoff celebration including them. 


Habitat Success Stories

Alicia partnered with the Catholic Coalition to build a Habitat home in Southwest Central Durham. Alicia enjoyed putting more than 250 hours of sweat equity into her home, saying "I know every beam in my house."