Meet Liz

If you want to see Liz’s bright, beautiful smile, all you have to do is ask her about her 8 year old grandson Joshua.

“He likes to wrestle with me”, she says. “He’ll crawl up my back and then before I know it I’m in a headlock!”, she shares with a laugh.

Liz is a survivor. In 2016 she beat breast cancer and she refuses to let it define her life.

"I found out about Durham Habitat and I decided it was time to stop paying rent. I talked to my friend Tiffany at work who was already a Habitat Homeowner and she took me to one of Habitat’s financial literacy classes.”

With her infectious laughter and enthusiasm for life, you would never know that she takes a chemo pill every morning and that there are times when her left arm is so swollen that she can’t work. 

“What was I going to do, sit at home and get bored? I wasn’t giving up! I got back to work."

When Liz started in the Habitat program she soon discovered that it is not all hammers and hard hats. She spent a lot of time learning about credit and budgeting so that she could develop a financial plan that works for her. She was mentored by our family services team who worked with her to identify a lot and a home that would fit her budget. 

Now she is paying her bills on time and staying on track with her budget. It has been two long years of preparation and hard work, but it is worth it! Now, when Liz goes to the grocery store, she is able to pass her budgeting lessons on to her grandson Joshua. Liz is bearing witness to the power of the Habitat partnership - building strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter.

We are proud to partner with Liz and her grandson, and can’t wait to see the future that is built in this home. We invite you to join a Durham Habitat partnership. Click here to volunteer or donate! Click HERE to follow the progress on Liz's new home!

Habitat Success Stories

Twenty years ago, Bob came to a Habitat construction site, and he's been volunteering since. "Framing is the fun part," Bob says, "but my favorite task is roofing." He also leads a youth group in making rain barrels for each Habitat home.