What are the Benefits of Homeownership?

Improving affordable homeownership leads to numerous outcomes that extend beyond the house, such as greater economic stability, access to quality education, increased civic and social engagement, better health, and a reduced environmental footprint. This evidence brief provides an overview of how families can prosper with greater access to decent, affordable housing.

Improving affordable homeownership leads to:
✔ Greater economic stability.
✔ Access to quality education.
✔ Increased civic and social engagement.
✔ Better health.
✔ Reduced environmental footprint.

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Evidence Brief 2

Habitat Success Stories

Twenty years ago, Bob came to a Habitat construction site, and he's been volunteering since. "Framing is the fun part," Bob says, "but my favorite task is roofing." He also leads a youth group in making rain barrels for each Habitat home.