The Ultimate Power Tool

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Steve and Betsy Levitas were looking to celebrate their love story and their 35 years of marriage in a special way. They found it with Habitat of Durham. Jones Family Dedication

They called on friends and family to celebrate with them by helping them sponsor a home for a family in need. Betsy is a member of a Durham-based a cappella singing group, Stella. She called on her Stella "sisters" and several other musically talented friends for help and the Levitases hosted a benefit concert in Carrboro in March. The concert, hosted by WUNC radio host Frank Stasio was a huge success bringing in $30,000 of the $50,000 needed to sponsor a Habitat home. With donations from friends and family to a fundraising page built with Habitat, Steve and Betsy quickly surpassed the home sponsorship goal.

In June, they met the single dad and daughter duo who would purchase the home and made plans to break ground. They were blown away by the experience and now speak of how the Jones family is forever a part of their own.

Betsy called Habitat "the ultimate power tool for community building" at the recent dedication of the Jones family home. Steve shared a powerful Irish blessing poem and teared up as he spoke of his love for Betsy and the experience of building a home with her and his community. He was moved by the fact that so many of their acquaintances saw their act of love and service as an example and shared about plans to engage their own families in community building work after being part of the Levitas sponsorship.

It's true that we are always setting an example, whether or not that is our intention.

Habitat Success Stories

Alicia partnered with the Catholic Coalition to build a Habitat home in Southwest Central Durham. Alicia enjoyed putting more than 250 hours of sweat equity into her home, saying "I know every beam in my house."