The Pink Ribbon Build Kicks Off

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The inspiration for an exciting Habitat home sponsorship came in 2011, when Margaret Rubiera was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was anxious, but the kindness and compassion of her caregivers made her journey one of strength and optimism. Margaret saw the nurses, lab techs, and other caregivers as the unsung heroes of what can be a truly heartbreaking struggle. She vowed then that she would do something special to honor them as soon as she was well. 

The first Pink Ribbon Build home was completed in August 2013 in partnershipLove and gratitude with the Allen family. Margaret called on her friends and family to help her raise the $50,000 needed to start the construction of a Habitat home that would be her vessel to express the gratitude that she felt for those unsung heroes. She invited people far and wide to contribute their monetary gifts as well as their volunteer labor alongside the Allen family. In an amazing twist of fate, the first Pink Ribbon Build home buyer was a breast cancer survivor herself and was touched not only by the community effort to build her home, but also by the fellowship with others affected by cancer. 

The second Pink Ribbon Build home is being purchased by the Manson family and kicks off this Saturday, September 27, at 8:30am at 2306 Harvard Avenue in Durham . All are invited to attend this short ceremony where we'll meet the Manson family, bless the home, and fellowship over a light breakfast. 

Margaret envisions the annual Pink Ribbon Build home sponsorship with Habitat of Durham as an ongoing opportunity for cancer survivors and their family and friends to express gratitude and honor — gratitude to the outstanding caregivers and honor for those who have battled cancer. During the framing stage of each home, Margaret arms supporters with colorful sharpie markers and invites them to fill the home with love by leaving messages of hope, remembrance, honor, and gratitude on the framing studs. She says that "it was a holy moment to see how many people had used this as a tangible way to honor somebody." Please watch this short video about Habitat of Durham's Pink Ribbon Build.

Margaret invites the entire community to get involved with her Pink Ribbon Build by donating and volunteering!

  • Join us on Saturday, September 27, at 8:30am at 2306 Harvard Avenue in Durham for the kickoff celebration.
  • To make a secure online donation, please visit and click the Pink Ribbon Build link.
  • To volunteer for construction shifts on the Pink Ribbon Build home or for more information, please contact Margaret at

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