Love Blossoms at Habitat

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One of our favorite volunteers, Laura Barnard, shares her Habitat love story: 

When Miles and I started dating in January 2011, I had been volunteering at weekend Habitat builds in Durham for 5 years. Miles had never been to a Habitat site and didn't have a history of volunteering before he met me. From the beginning of our relationship we talked about only wanting to be together if there was a possible future together and talked about what was important to us.

Part of what I wanted for my future was volunteering together in the local community with my husband, so Miles knew he'd better try it out! At first he enjoyed volunteering mostly because he liked learning how to use the power tools! Then, in a short amount of time, he discovered he enjoyed not only my companionship but also the awesome community of people we met at Habitat.    

Over the years we treasured the support the people we met showed for our relationship - asking when we were going to get engaged and supporting us as a couple.

Our story is one of not only us loving each other, but coming to have a shared love for the people and mission of Habitat.  Miles found that he learned more about me as a person and about how volunteering is part of my faith - that we worship God and show our love for God through acting on our love for neighbor.  Miles and I also learned how to work together on projects (with some admitted bickering along the way) :) and especially grew to love siding and roofing together making little games out of it along the way.  

Miles and Laura are now engaged to be married, with a wedding date of August 2, 2014.  Their personal website shares details of their upcoming nuptials, and even highlights their involvement with Habitat!


Habitat Success Stories

Barbara is an elderly neighbor who suffers from COPD. Durham Habitat partnered with the Fuqua School of Business to replace Barbara's roof and HVAC system. Barbara said,"I thank God that Habitat was able to fix my home because I was unable to do it for myself."