It was love at first sight

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One donor’s $50,000 gift built the Brouhard home. Usually it takes many donors with many gifts.

Durham Habitat needs your help to eradicate poverty housing — will you be one of the many?

Meet Kyle and Labesia, Durham Habitat’s first legally blind homebuyer couple.Kyle and Labesia

Kyle says, “I saw her from across the room and it was love at first sight.”

Labesia has heard this joke before and doesn’t remember things going quite so smoothly. “I was worried about him hyperventilating because he was so nervous,” she says of their first date.

This is their way — always finding humor, always full of joy.

This home build is exciting for Durham Habitat — not because Kyle and Labesia are blind, but because their blindness doesn’t slow them down.

Like other Habitat partner families, Kyle and Labesia don’t let their circumstances get in the way of building a brighter future. A brighter future for themselves, a brighter future for their children.

Working multiple jobs, caring for children, going to college — our families find the energy to partner with Habitat because they know that it means financial stability for the long run.

Habitat offers a 0% interest mortgage to qualifying homebuyers and requires a minimum of 250 volunteer hours in lieu of a cash down payment.

Owning a safe, decent, affordable home costs Habitat families an average of $550 per month. That’s hundreds less than the average rental in Durham — hundreds of dollars to invest in their futures.

Sold signPlease consider a gift of $120, $600, $1000 — or $50,000! — this holiday season. Be one of the many needed to eradicate poverty housing in Durham. Click here to give online, mail checks payable to Durham Habitat to 215 North Church Street, Durham, NC 27701, or contact Heather at 919-880-2432 to give by phone.

Thanks to generous donors like you, Habitat homeowners are building equity in their future with each mortgage payment.

Habitat homeowners are breaking the cycle of poverty.

Kyle and Labesia’s home is a special, spirited build.

Their home is sponsored by an anonymous donor to honor Pope Francis. The new Pope is a man after Habitat’s own heart. He says, "It's not enough to give them food. Dignity is given to you when you can bring food home.”

Habitat partner families are not given a home; they are empowered to build one.

Kyle and Labesia are empowered and their spirit is contagious. Every volunteer build day with them is unifying and celebratory.

Kyle sings joyful tunes while digging holes, and jokes with fellow volunteers that a blind guy installing blinds must be pretty hilarious.

It’s obvious where their 10-year-old daughter, Anaya, gets her inherent love of life.

She declares, “I’m happy!” and talks of painting her new bedroom purple with rainbows, saying “every color in the world is my favorite!”

Anaya says the most exciting thing about their new home will be “meeting my Nana.” Nana lives in Monroe, NC, and is wheelchair bound. The two have never met in person because Nana is unable to visit Anaya’s second story apartment.

Anaya will meet Nana face-to-face for the first time in her family’s new, fully accessible Habitat home.

Help make the dream of home ownership fully accessible to more Durham families. Please send your gift of $120, $600, $1000 — or even $50,000! — this holiday season. Click here to give online, mail checks payable to Durham Habitat to 215 North Church Street, Durham, NC 27701, or contact Heather at 919-880-2432 to give by phone.

Thank you for your help breaking the cycle of poverty with families like Kyle and Labesia’s,



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