Homebuilders Blitz Returns to Durham in June

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By Blake Strayhorn, executive director

With the support of the Homebuilders Association of Durham, Orange & Chatham Counties (HBADC), Habitat Builders Blitz will return to Durham in June, 2014 as we’ll build three homes in one week on one block in North East Central Durham (NECD)! Despite the building industry’s recent challenges, the enthusiasm of the HBADC for giving back remains strong, and we’re very grateful for their outstanding support of Durham Habitat. 

The HBADC has a strong Habitat Builders’ Blitz track record. In 2006 and 2008 Blitz events, an awesome group of builders and Durham Habitat worked together to build a combined 12 homes in South West Central Durham.  These twelve homes transformed the lives of twelve families by helping them - and their future generations - forever break the cycle of poverty.  

2006 and 2008 Blitz efforts also had another significant impact; they led to the revitalization of South West Central Durham! New Habitat homeowners and our Builder’s Blitz teamwork helped stabilize the neighborhood, which set the table for other builders to build nearby. The result: crime is down, property values are up and South West Central Durham is a far more vibrant neighborhood now than it was in 2006. Many thanks to our Builder’s Blitz teams of 2006 and 2008!

Builder’s Blitz events are outside of our regular construction routine, and they require extra effort in some areas. They take strong leadership, hard work and careful planning overall. The impact, however, reaches far beyond the Habitat families who will purchase these homes. It’s no understatement to say that Builder’s Blitz 2014 will build homes, hope and community. As we build, we’ll transform the lives of three more Habitat home buying families, and we’ll add to Habitat’s stabilization efforts already underway in NECD. The Blitz will strengthen relationships and build new partnerships between and within construction firms and suppliers. And we’ll raise awareness of Durham Habitat’s work and the need for safe, decent and affordable housing in Durham, where tens of thousands of our neighbors live in substandard housing. 

A huge shout-out and big thanks to our Builder partners in Builder’s Blitz 2014: We thank Eric Hedden and Jim Garman with Durham Building Company, Britney Wallace with B. Wallace Design & Construction, Trish Cates, Chad Collins, Leon Meyers and Brian Sawyer, and the HBA team for their commitment to make this project a winner. We are also very grateful for Holly Fraccaro and the entire HBADC for your leadership and support. 

The Builder teams are set, the lots and building plans are ready to roll, the Habitat homeowner families are lined up, and we’re now working to line up donations of building materials and trade support.

With the outstanding support of the HBADC, we will make 2014 the best Home Builders Blitz ever!

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