Tiny Pink Boots


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When Durham Habitat raises $71,250 for REPAIRS between November 1, 2015 and January 31, 2016, The Stewards Fund will match it with another $71,250! These gifts or pledges payable by 12/31/16 must be from new (matched 100%), increased (difference between last gift or last year matched 100%), or lapsed (gave before May 1 2014) donors.

***The Widmark Family Fund of the Triangle Community Foundation has challenged the challenge! When you give, your gift now goes three times as far!!! When we reach $25,000 for repairs, the Widmark Family Fund will give another $25,000!***

Pink Boots

What do you see in this photo?

  • Tiny pink boots.
  • Little painted fingernails and a child’s pink purse.
  • Her corner store treat — Maybe a chocolate milk?
  • A Graco Pack’N’Play — The girl in the tiny pink boots must have a baby brother or sister.
  • A dangerous hole next to tiny pink boots — Has she ever fallen in that hole? Has the baby brother or sister?
  • Severe water damage — Are these children breathing in harmful mold?
  • A homeowner’s attempt to conceal the hole with rugs — What is their power bill? Are they cold?

These tiny pink boots are haunting.

The home pictured here was repaired by volunteers with Durham Habitat’s Repairs Program.

Tiny pink boots is warmer, safer. She sits at the kitchen table to do her homework. She’s smart with big, bright dreams for the future.

But what about others like her? How many others will be cold this winter, with holes in their floors and ceilings?

Durham Habitat builds and sells about 20 new homes each year—More than 330 homes since 1985, with more than 825 children growing up with brighter futures in new homes.

Did you know that we also repair about 40 homeowner occupied homes in Durham each year? While we’re proud to be serving our community with this program, we receive more than 200 applications for repairs each year—40 per year just is not enough.

When you donate to Durham Habitat’s Repairs Program between November 1, 2015 and January 31, 2016, it could be matched!

The Stewards Fund will match gifts from new and lapsed donors 100%! The Stewards Fund will also match increased gifts from current Durham Habitat donors! 

Donate or Make a Pledge Here

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Habitat Success Stories

"Five years ago, a tree fell on my house and caused all but one room to leak. I used all my funds, so I called Habitat for Humanity, which helped me build a new roof. I've never experienced anything like this in my life, and I just want to thank everyone at Habitat. God bless you!" - Rita