Rocking Chair House

worth lutz

Worth Lutz  is the founder of Habitat for Humanity of Durham and the man many call Durham Habitat’s "heart and soul."   Worth founded our Geezers and Blitz Teams, and he recently celebrated his 80th birthday.  

Worth has yet again made a significant contribution to Durham Habitat by donating one of his beautiful handmade rocking chairs to help raise funds to start another Habitat house - our 300th in Durham since 1985. Scroll down to see how Worth turns a block of wood into a beautiful chair.

We are selling 100 raffle tickets for Worth’s chair at $500 per ticket to raise the $50,000 home sponsorship needed to start construction on our 300th home. 

Please join us in celebrating Worth Lutz  and his contribution to Habitat and Durham by buying one of the 20 tickets left to build our 300th Habitat home in Durham, the Rocking Chair House to honor Worth.

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Include "Worth House" in the comment box when you make your donation.

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Habitat Success Stories

Worth helped found Durham Habitat as part of his Bible study group. He has volunteered to build hundreds of homes, but if you ask about his role with Habitat, he will take no special credit, saying, "Habitat just fits in with who I am."