Repair Tales: Rise & Run



     As neighborhoods change and develop and home prices increase, repairs programs are essential components for helping homeowners maintain what may be their biggest asset, and remain in their homes safely. Below is the repairs story from one work site where the Durham Habitat team, lead by Habitat Geezer, Mike Memrick, designed and built a ramp for the homeowner so that they could continue to safely access and stay in their current home.

Mike Memrick, Durham Habitat Geezer, Master Ramp Designer/Builder

     Mike Memrick is no stranger to hard work. After spending 30 years as an equipment engineer for GTE he side-stepped into a career as an electrician, always looking to acquire new skills. Throughout his career, Mike also found time to serve others by doing work through his church and The Knights of Columbus. After moving back to Durham, Mike became connected with Durham Habitat when he recruited over 45 volunteers from his church for the Apostle's Build in 2013.

When Durham Habitat recently called Mike to build a ramp for a family in his neighborhood, he immediately set to work on drafting the plans.

As with any project, there are always careful considerations for building custom ramps. The rise and run need to meet precise specifications and have to be customized to the homeowners home and the slope of their lot.

 With plans approved by both the homeowner and permit providers, the team set to work. In 2-weeks time they made short order of a ramp that would provide safe access for the homeowners to enter and exit their home in a wheelchair.

The addition of a ramp to this home not only provides the homeowner with a sense of freedom and independence, but also alleviates extra work for their caregivers. 

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Habitat Success Stories

Barbara is an elderly neighbor who suffers from COPD. Durham Habitat partnered with the Fuqua School of Business to replace Barbara's roof and HVAC system. Barbara said,"I thank God that Habitat was able to fix my home because I was unable to do it for myself."