Round 3

Bull City Burger and Brewery: Durhamer Ale

A new style of beer from the ground up and Durham’s signature flavor. This second batch of Durhamer Ale is brewed with Epiphany base malt made right here in Durham. We aim to use NC grown hops, Durham water and the color is reminiscent of Burley air-cured chestnut colored tobacco. The malts lend a biscuit crust flavor and the hops add aroma and a mild hop bite. This beer was created to be very approachable for craft beer drinkers of all walks, emphasizing malt flavors vs. the fashionable hoppy bitterness commonly found today. We didn’t want to add a suffix or a prefix to a known style, but chose to start from the ground up using our local resources. Styles have been created around the world by using local ingredients and then defined by tradition. Taste the birth of a new beer right here in Durham. In this round you'll see two other Durham breweries introduce their versions and maybe one day our city will join the ranks of Berliner Weiss, Dortmunder and Pilsner!

Bull City Burger and BreweryBiggest Small Beer Ever 

American Craft Beer Week® (ACBW) is the nationwide celebration of the ever-advancing beer culture in our country. ACBW begins on Monday, May 16 and ends on Sunday, May 22 this year. This year nearly 100 craft brewers across the country brewed the same beer: #BiggestSmallBeerEver. The beer showcases the solidarity among the craft brewing community as brewers in all 50 states used the same ingredients and recipe. It will be served in taprooms during ACBW and Bull City Burger and Brewery is honored to represent North Carolina in brewing this beer. The beer has a peat smoked element with a malt driven body and flavor. The beer starts with a caramel and roasted nut quality, revealing light chocolate and bread crust in the middle and finishes with dark fruit and black cherry. The hops are more in the background with a wisp of smoke. 

Fullsteam BreweryBrightleaf Durhamer 

A collaboration for the Vernacular Architecture Conference. 76% local ingredients. It pours a bright brown with an off-white head and immediately displays bready aromas of biscuit and toast as well as some subtle aromas of piney and earthy spice from Simcoe and Chinook. While approachable and refreshing, the flavors of this beer offer layers of graham cracker and hearty bread from the malt as well a mild hop presence reminiscent of NC pine forests, expressing notes of resin, pine, and a rich earthy spice character. Style: Durhamer, ABV: 6.06%, IBU: 30.2, SRM: 21

Bull Durham Beer CompanyDurhamer Ale

BDBC Durhamer Ale is deep amber-brown in color. The nose is malty; and gives off aromas of almond biscotti, tamari, and a hint of rauchbier - from the addition of smoked malt. The palate follows with robust malt flavor; mild, pleasant hop bitterness; and piquant, mouth-watering zing. The richness of flavors belies a light-medium body. The finish is clean and persistent - juicy lemon followed by freshly baked, dark soft pretzel. In all, it is a beer of considerable subtlety - approachable enough for a session with complexity to ponder. ABV 5.5%

Ponysaurus Brewing: Scottish Ale 
Reflecting the Scottish tradition of brewing beer with a small amount of hops so as to avoid unnecessary interaction with British traders (the bastards), our Scottish Ale is a rich, smooth, malt-focused beer that pours incredibly dark. Nutty Marris Otter malt provides deep hits of caramel, coffee, and chocolate in both the aroma and flavor. Like a drinkable kilt for your gullet.

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