Round 2

Round 2

Bull City Burger and Brewery: 27701 Durham Chocolate Mild 
The BCBB 27701Chocolate Mild Ale is a light bodied session beer with low levels of bitterness showing light caramel and toasted bread flavors. We added fresh roasted cacao nibs to this traditional English-style beer complimenting its light malty sweetness with cacao's earthy chocolate bitterness. Just like Habitat for Humanity and local craft breweries coming together, this is another wonderful match made in Durham. Cheers Y’all. 4.1% ABV

Bull Durham Beer Amber Lager is deep golden in color. The nose is malty with hints of toast from biscuit malt. On the palate, maltiness dominates but remains refreshing and quaffable. Just a hint of aromatic hop character leads to a round, clean finish. 4.9% ABV.

Fullsteam Brewery: Coffee is for Closers
Iced Coffee Porter. Sweet full-bodied Porter inspired by refreshing iced coffee. Deep tones of roasted coffee beans and milk sugar, with hints of chocolate and toasted malt. Made with Muddy Dog (Morrisville, NC) Sumatran Coffee. 6.0% ABV, 36 IBU

Ponysaurus Brewing: Export Stout
Espresso, burnt toffee, chocolate. There are several "export" styles of beer, and they all refer to the challenges breweries had in shipping beers over a long distance in the time before refrigeration. Higher levels of alcohol and larger amounts of hops can help preserve a beer against infection, so the "export" version of the stout that came out of Dublin was a bigger version of the dry stout, of which Guinness is a well-known example. There are no adjuncts in the beer, i.e. coffee, chocolate, etc, so all the flavors are achieved through the judicious use of deeply ` roasted barley. ABV 6.2%

Using The Belgian Golden as a Base, we added pediocuccus to sour the beer, and then added cherries to give it a sweet and smooth finish. This beer has been aged for 8 months to allow for it to mature and then canned especially for “We CAN Build It”. A great beer to share with your Valentine if we do say so ourselves.

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Habitat Success Stories

Pearlie's home was so damaged that neighbors thought it was abandoned. Habitat partnered with the City of Durham to replace Pearlie's roof, a damaged wall, and exterior siding. Pearlie said, "It lifts my spirits. Habitat volunteers are beautiful people."