Meet Kiyona

Kiyona Wadsworth is another Habitat hero (or ‘shero’), a single mom who works long hours on the job, as a mom, and yet somehow still finds the time to come build her home with Habitat. Kiyona is a pharmacy supervisor at Pruitt Healthcare where she supervises nine people.  She knows and appreciates the permanent affordability and value of homeownership, as her parents own their own home.

 But she says, “As a single mom, I was caught up in a cycle of renting, renting, always renting.  The money went away and the rent went up every year, and I couldn’t even think about getting a home. It felt like an impossible dream to own my own home.”   But soon Kiyona will buy her own home through Habitat’s homeownership program.  Habitat partnerships allow Habitat to serve as both builder and lender, and instead of cash, Kiyona will ‘pay’ her down payment at loan closing with sweat equity hours she’s earned building her home.

“I’m doing this all for my daughter. Not only will we have an affordable Habitat mortgage payment, but I’ll always know that my daughter, and her children, and even her children’s children, will have a home to call their own.” 

Homeownership through Habitat will mean strength, stability, and self-reliance for Kiyona's daughter. It also will mean permanent affordability for Kiyona and for future Wadsworth generations.  Beyond that, Kiyona will ‘pay it forward’ with her mortgage payments, which will come back to Habitat, allowing Habitat to build homes for even more Durham neighbors. 

Without a doubt, Kiyona, you are a shero, and Habitat is so honored to be your partner.  Thank you!

We invite you to join a Durham Habitat partnership. Click here to volunteer or donate! Click HERE to follow construction on Kiyona's home!

Habitat Success Stories

Pearlie's home was so damaged that neighbors thought it was abandoned. Habitat partnered with the City of Durham to replace Pearlie's roof, a damaged wall, and exterior siding. Pearlie said, "It lifts my spirits. Habitat volunteers are beautiful people."