Update on Florence Recovery Efforts from Durham Habitat Executive Director - Monday, Sept 17

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Durham Habitat Friends, Volunteers and Supporters:

From all I’ve seen and heard, Durham Habitat partners have come through this portion of Hurricane Florence well. Durham Habitat is back fully operational, and we're building this week on our normal schedule. In fact - we had some hearty souls out this past Saturday building with us in spite of the storm!

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I’ve driven in and around Durham a fair amount, talked to a number of homeowners, and all have been good so far. If the situation here changes, we’ll mobilize quickly. We have collected names and contact info for people willing to help (thank you!). But it doesn’t look like we’ll have a need locally for volunteer clean up. 

Based on my prior experience with Hurricane Matthew in NC and observing on Habitat International involvement with responses to Harvey and Maria (not to mention our friends in Guatemala), we will/should organize a response team or two to head down east or to Charlotte to help with clean up, but only when it’s safe to do so, and only when the organizations there are organized to accept our help. If you'd like to volunteer for a potential response team, please email our volunteer coordinator Sam Speicher atsspeicher@durhamhabitat.org (include your preferred email address, experience level, and any tools you could potentially bring) and we will contact you when that effort gets organized.

Habitat in Fayetteville had a lot of experience with Matthew, and they have a number of Habitat homes in flood prone areas. My guess is they will want our help soon. I know a lot of folks want to help, and it’s frustrating... but it’s a bit of a waiting game right now. Thank you for all that you do for Durham Habitat, and we'll certainly be in touch as we know more.

 In partnership,

Blake Strayhorn

Executive Director, Durham Habitat

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