Habitat house honors cancer patient caregivers

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Durham News
by Flo Johnston

Habitat for Humanity of Durham kicked off its Pink Ribbon Build last week in a special project intended to allow breast-cancer survivors, families and friends to honor health care professionals who provided compassion, kindness and warmth.

Margaret Allen is the home buyer for this year’s Pink Ribbon Build. Allen, a breast-cancer survivor, soon will celebrate her one-year anniversary of being cancer-free. Living in her Habitat home with her will be her granddaughter and great-grandson. Allen says providing a sense of future and stability for her great-grandson is one of the main reasons she wants to become a Habitat homeowner.

The Pink Ribbon Build is the brainchild of Margaret Rubiera, a longtime Habitat supporter and advocate, who fought cancer herself last year. She was inspired by the support that she received from the Duke Cancer Institute and wanted to honor these caregivers.

Habitat Success Stories

Anita and her sister thought they were experiencing night sweats but realized that it was raining inside their home. Habitat partnered with Blue Cross Blue Shield to replace their roof. “I used to go to bed every night and the rain would be all over my face but not anymore. Thank you.”