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DAY OF SERVICE: BCBSNC volunteers give back to community


Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina employees erect an exterior wall for a house while working with Durham Habitat for Humanity during a Day of Service.  Keith Upchurch Aug 24, 2016, Herald Sun   DURHAM -- Blue Cross volunteers really nailed it Wednesda… Read More

Durham residents wait for help with minor repairs


Patricia McClendon standing at her Gurley Street home of 24 years. McClendon said is one of about 80 people on the waiting list for the city’s minor repair program.  BY VIRGINIA BRIDGES DURHAM  When it’s rainy and windy, a fast drip of water flows from a ho… Read More

Thinking About Tomorrow


DURHAM - The Herald Sun - By Larry Bumgardner  (PHOTO) Nancy and Larry Bumgardner sponsored a Habitat home they built in partnership with the Capers family last year. Their gift of sponsorship will keep giving for generations. As I get older with children having children who are ent… Read More

The Secret to Happiness!

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DURHAM - The Herald Sun - By Blake Strayhorn The secret to happiness….  It is not winning the lottery, at least not in my world.  But I think I’ve found it. I’ve seen enough people find it to become convinced.  I’ve seen the discovery unfold many diff… Read More

30 years building, 1 year serving


DURHAM - The Herald Sun - By Josh Quinlan Durham Habitat Last year, Mayor Bill Bell introduced a strategic plan to drastically reduce poverty in Durham. The epicenter of his plan was Census Tract 10.01, a large section of North East Central Durham. This area had a high crime rate, many fa… Read More

Habitat Success Stories

Lucy has led construction volunteers in more than five Women Builds. A civil engineer, Lucy has volunteered to teach hundreds of neighbors who have no construction experience how to build beautiful homes, and she can teach you as well.