Geezer House Kick-Off


This morning was the official kick-off of the "Geezer House" on Ashe Street.  This new home build is in honor of longtime Geezer leader, Harold Scroggs. The Geezers are a self-named and dedicated group of retirees who have been with Durham Habitat since its founding in 1985. The group volunteers every Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and meets at a local restaurant for lunch. 

Joining us in the morning festivities were future homeowners, the Lar Family.  Born in Burma, the Lar family are legal permanent residents of the United States. Kaw and his wife, Mu Hsee, are the parents of two young children.  

A big thank you to all who attended, and special thanks to Biscuitville for their donation of coffee and sausage balls! 

Habitat Success Stories

Alicia partnered with the Catholic Coalition to build a Habitat home in Southwest Central Durham. Alicia enjoyed working more than 250 hours of sweat equity on her home, saying "I know every beam in my house."