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The Secret to Happiness!


DURHAM - The Herald Sun - By Blake Strayhorn The secret to happiness….  It is not winning the lottery, at least not in my world.  But I think I’ve found it. I’ve seen enough people find it to become convinced.  I’ve seen the discovery unfold many diff… Read More

Local breweries pledge to raise $50K for Habitat for Humanity


The Herald Sun By Alex Dixon Bull City Burger and Brewery, Bull Durham Beer Company, Fullsteam Brewery, Ponysaurus Brewing and Triangle Brewing Company are all chipping in 32-ounce cans of specialty styles to fund a new home for Habitat for Humanity of Dur… Read More

The Buzz: Habitat for Humanity ReStore recaps year


ALEX DIXON, The Buzz, The Herald Sun DURHAM — Habitat for Humanity has reported that six homes were built in Durham and Orange counties in 2015 with profits from its home improvement and donation center ReStore. On the year, the organization also logged 11,297 vol… Read More

Ideas Divide. Projects Unite. Love Heals.


DURHAM - THE HERALD SUN BY BLAKE STRAYHORN HABITAT FOR HUMANITY OF DURHAM So…a group of Muslims, Jews, and Christians plus a few that call themselves unaffiliated gathered at Durham Habitat's Hospitality House build this past Sunday, and a remarkable thing happened: We talked. W… Read More

Holiday Gifts that Build Homes


DURHAM - THE HERALD SUN BY HEATHER GRAHAM HABITAT FOR HUMANITY OF DURHAM We are all being bombarded with holiday shopping ads right now – buy this, buy that, buy these! The temptation to get caught up in the things is strong – the things we want, the things we don’t … Read More

The little girl haunts me: a Durham Habitat repairs story


Durham - The Herald Sun By Blake Strayhorn Habitat for Humanity The little girl in the pink boots haunts me. Every time I see her picture, I have the same reaction. My imagination kicks into high gear, and I start asking myself questions. “What's her … Read More

Durham Habitat – ‘Blitz like a girl’


DURHAM — THE HERALD SUN Durham Habitat celebrated the completion of its 2015 Home Builders Blitz on June 12. Two homes, two families, two local girl builders in just six days! Two more deserving homeowners now call Ashe Street home in Northeast Central Durham.  The Blitz Build… Read More

Books for Habitat: “Literacy Happens at Home”


DURHAM — THE HERALD SUN By Daniele Berman, Book Harvest On June 12, Book Harvest joined the Ni/Ngeh and Parrish families as Habitat for Humanity of Durham dedicated their new homes, built as part of the “Blitz Like a Girl” build in just one week. This partnership b… Read More

Habitat Success Stories

Worth helped found Durham Habitat as part of his Bible study group. He has volunteered to build hundreds of homes, but if you ask about his role with Habitat, he will take no special credit, saying, “Habitat just fits in with who I am.”